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Purchase Method for HID·LEDLightParts

Sell at Stores

From Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, Up Garage has over 150 stores throughout the country. By bringing your item directly to the store, "Purchase at Stores" is the fastest and easiest method.

Sell by Delivery

For those who do not have a store close by or have difficulties going to a store, we recommend "Purchase by Delivery". If you use the provided "Delivery Kit", you do not have to prepare your own materials and even those that are busy can be at ease.

6 Reasons for Choosing Up Garage

Japan's Highest Quality Car Parts Store

Our car expert staff will assess our customers' precious rims carefully!

15 Years of Results in Used Car Parts!

As the field's largest, Up Garage has vast results in purchasing/selling, so you can be at ease selling to us.

Many Choices to Fit the Customer

With delivery purchasing/in-store purchasing/out-of-store purchasing, we can match our customers' needs.
*Please understand that there may be areas that we are not able to do out-of-store purchasing

Assessment/Shipping Fees/Transaction Fees
are All Free!

In-store and internet assessments are free!

Easy Shipping!
Simple to Use!

For those who use delivery, we will have the kit delivered to you. Anyone can package their items in 4 steps. There is no need for the customer to prepare cardboard or other materials.

Aiming to have Japan's No. 1 Highest Purchase Prices

Because Up Garage is the field's largest store, we aim to offer Japan's No. 1 highest price.

Free Purchase Assessment


Free Purchase Assessment