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Sapporohigashikarikiten 営業についてのお知らせ

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Store Overview

Address 007-0030
4-1-30, Higashikariki 10-jo, Higashi-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
TEL 011-790-1182
FAX 011-790-1183

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Opening hours 11: 00 ~ 20: 00
Closed Open all year round (excluding 12/31, 1/1)
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Message from the store manager


店長 Upgrade garage Sapporo Higashi Yagoyo store of 4th store in Sapporo city opened the grand opening! Selling and buying up garage! If you have any sleeping parts at home, please bring it to our shop!

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Store handling service

  • 無料試着
  • タイヤ・ホイール交換
  • NAVI取付
  • AV取付
  • マフラー取付
  • シート取付
  • 電球交換
  • バッテリー交換
  • ウーファー取付
  • ステア取付
  • スピーカー取付
  • ホーン取付
  • マフラー試聴・試着
  • ホイールリペア

※ Tire wheel installations may not be accepted due to timing etc. Please confirm with your store in advance.

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