Up Garage contributes to each person’s car and bike life improvements by providing an enjoyable time and space, as well as creating added values through “Used Parts”, to those who consider cars and bikes as life companions.
Creating added values through “Used Parts”
UP GARAGE(アップガレージ)

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We do not only deal in car and motorcycle supplies. Check out all our other affiliated store. If you buy or sell second-hand items, think Up Garage!


    The used car parts business "Up Garage" gathers a full lineup, starting from tire/rims to car audio, car navigation, tune-up parts, etc.


    The used bike parts business "Up Garage Riders" gathers a wide variety of parts, starting from mufflers and seats to riders jackets and bike bodies (excluding some stores).


    The used tire/rims specialty store (Hoiruzu) deals with not only various types of tires and rims, but also some new tire products.

  • UP GARAGE Parts Marugoto Car and Bike Purchase Group

    We will purchase entire cars & bikes, including those with outside parts installed. By letting us assess with the experience we have gained in customization until now, we will respond to our customers' affection and feelings to their limits.

  • ミスターリユースMr.Reuse


Motor Sports

Up Garage is also an active actor of our society through its participation to motor sports.

Motor sports garage

Since 2015, Up Garage is participating in the 「Super GT 300」which is the highest level of motor sports. We hope to share our passion for motor sports with everyone.

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Drift Angels

The "Drift Angels" is Up Garage official support group. Through their mesmerizing singing and dancing, they achieved success at many events and media including SUPER GT.

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