September 1998 Auto Freak Co., Ltd. used car parts sales department becomes independent and is established in Machida City, Tokyo
April 1999 Up Garage Co., Ltd. is established
No. 1 store opens as "Up Garage Machidaten" opens (currently Up Garage Honten)
September 2000 No. 1 franchise store opens as "Kumamototen"
October 2000 Kinki area "Miharakitaten" opens (currently Miharakita-interten)
November 2000 Hokuriku area "Kanazawaten" opens
Used bike parts specialty store "Up Garage Riders" opens as a new business
May 2001 Shinetsu area "Niigataten" opens
July 2001 Chugoku/Shikoku area "Okayama Kurashikiten" opens
November 2001 Tokai area "Nagoya Nakagawaten" opens
Tohoku area "Sendaiten" opens
January 2002 Hokkaido area "Shinhassamuten" opens (currently Sapporo Shinhassamuten)
August 2003 Okinawa "Okinawa Chubuten" opens
March 2004 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market (currently not listed on the MBO)
June 2005 Used tires/rims specialty store "Up Garage Hoiruzu" opens as a new business
April 2008 Purchase assessment phone line "Up Garage Kaitori Hotline" begins
February 2010 Up Garage Honten moves to its current location (Aoba Ward, Yokohama City)
March 2010 Main company moves to its current location (Aoba Ward, Yokohama City)
June 2010 GT parts specialty store "GT Parts Kan Honten" opens as a new business
New tire specialty store "Tokyo Tire Ryutsu Center Honten" opens as a new business (spinoff company)
September 2010 Surpasses 100 stores
December 2011 SNS started for car/bike enthusiasts
July 2013 "Croooober" started for supporting car/bike enthusiasts in customization
April 2014 Transition to holding company structure
Croooober Holdings Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Tires Co., Ltd. established
June 2014 No. 1 overseas store "Up Garage Bangkok Kaset-Nawaminten" opens
April 2015 ZERO TO ONE established