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In 1999, when the majority of people thought it was not possible to become established in this industry, Up Garage was founded.

[Make car accessories more familiar and friendly]
By buying parts and article that people do not want anymore and selling them back to our users at a low price, we can help them extend the life of their loved car. I started up garage with this idea in mind.

In 2014, after almost 15 years of existence and receiving so many support from our customers with feedbacks like "You helped us make our cars and motorcycles our partner of life" , I can really see all the way we made and all those experiences helped build today's UP GARAGE.

For a long time, our 3 business divisions lived together in UP GARAGE, but from April 1, 2015, the Croooober Holdings was built from the regroupment of 3 companies (Up Garage, ZERO TO ONE, Tokyo Tire). This was made in an effort to go towards our global goals for 2020.
As a group, we will challenge various businesses related to cars and motorcycles without being caught up only in the "second hand" business.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. We hope to keep serving you again in the future.

株式会社アップガレージ創業者 石田 誠