Aluminum wheel repair serviceWHEEL REPAIR SERVICE
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  • I liked
    Aluminum wheels
    Got hurt ...
  • To not do anything
    Of places wheel
    Corrosion to the disk surface is ...
  • Recently handle is so blurred,
    After reviewing the wheel
    It was distorted. What should I do?
  • To not be punk
    Air of the tire comes out ...
  • Had hurt aluminum wheels liked ... To not do anything is corrosion on the disc surface of the places wheel ... Recently handle is so blurred, it was distorted After reviewing the wheel. What should I do? Air of the tire comes out to not be punk ...
We perform propper repir of [wheel scratches], [Crack], [Bent]!

The best engineers of the wheel repair professional to clean fix your aluminum wheels
If up garage repair service, available to suit the convenience of our customers in the shop and WEB!
Rest assured are determined also the basic charge! It estimates even if you send the image OK!

Repair Silver repainting< 10,000円(税込11,000円)〜/1本 >



Change black gloss paint< 11,000円(税込12,100円)〜/1本 >



Rim repair + Shine< 13,000円(税込14,300円)〜/1本 >



Rim repair + painting< 19,500円(税込21,450円)〜/1本 >



Wheel repair service
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Flow of the wheel repair servicewheel repair service

Bring you to the over-the-counter
Dispatch from the store
  • Here is a merit!
  • Rich in payment method!
  • Desorption of the tire can also be in the shop!
  • Trouble of packing and dispatch there is no!
  • Here is a merit!
  • Rich in payment method!
  • Desorption of the tire can also be in the shop!
  • Trouble of packing and dispatch there is no!
  • Bringing

    Entrusted the wheel who you bring in over-the-counter, will be accepted.

    In the case of with the tire, we will desorption pay separately store limited.

  • 見積もり確認


  • Shipping

    We will send it to a repair shop from the store. After the modification is complete, we will contact you to as soon as customers arrive at the store.

  • Handing over to the customer

    We visit us to the store, we will give you after your payment.

【About delivery date】
・It basically takes about 3 weeks since it delivered to the repair shop.
・Depending on the condition and painting, it may take several days.

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※The tire desorption fee, and shipping cost might vary depending on the tire quantity and area. Please check details in the closest store where you would like to bring your tires.
※While the payment method varies depending on the store, please check details of appropriate store on its webpage.
※Please note if original color is other than crome-plated, it will be necessary to repaint after the correction.

Wheel repair service price listPRICE LIST

menu Fee
Repair + painting ¥10,000(税込¥11,000)〜
Repair + Shine ¥10,000(税込¥11,000)〜

Repainting will be the only place modified by the design of the wheel (rim). Customer requests the repainting of the entire disk please contact us to quote.
If the state of the wheel is severe, there may be an additional amount of money is generated in addition to the basic fee. Please note.
Desorption operation of the tire will be the store accepts only. Tire desorption work during the sign up from the WEB are not accepted. Please note.

Important points
(1) About Rates
  • The amount will be the amount of only one. By the state or the like of the island and the wheel might get an additional amount of money.
  • Shipping of the case of dispatch will be borne by the customer.
  • Even if you dispatch it might not be able to work in workers judgment. The return postage of the case will be paid by the customer.
  • There is the case that the change amount of money and the estimates I see the real thing.
  • If you do not want to work when the amount of money has changed, the mailing cost of return will be paid by the customer.
  • 離島の場合、追加送料をお客様にご負担いただく場合がございます。
(2) For modification, painting
  • State some might not be able or if the modifications is applied separately fix price in addition to the basic modification.
  • Depending on the design of the wheel might not become precocious modifications.
  • If the original color of chrome plating, after the correction will be re-painted with non-chrome-plated Please note
  • Regarding the modification work of the disk part, it will be to determine from when I see the real thing.
(3) Others
  • Wheel with a tire can not work. Please send it always state tire is disconnected.
  • Because of the loss and damage prevention, please send it by state center cap that was sure to remove. If you send in still attached, there is no compensation for the loss or damage.
  • Modification of the bike wheel are not accepted. Please note.
For guaranteed
  • Wheel repair is, but I will work carefully in a professional skilled in the art advanced technology, it does not guarantee that you restore the color and the equivalent of the new condition. In addition, please note that also can not assume the responsibility of any case is not the equivalent of the state and the new.
  • Guarantee of correction after the strength of the crack, etc. Please also note that it can not be performed at all.
  • Please note that when there is damage to the tire and car customers (if carried out of wheel and tire desorption) when working in involved in the repair service can not assume any responsibility.

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※Excluding riders (specialized store for motorcycle parts).

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