FC加盟店募集 各事業のご案内

Recruitment of FC franchise store Information on each project

Used Car Parts Business


There are tire and wheels, car audio and navigations, tune-up parts, etc. in full line up stock are avilable in Up Garage of used car parts supplier. Our profeccional staff with extensive parts knowledge and solid technology will meet you. Good parts are not only available at attractive prices, but also finding parts you were looking for and wanted will make your mood up.

Up garage FC merchant Wanted Click here for details

Used Bike Parts Business


There are mufflers, seats, rider jackets, bike body parts (except some stores) are stocked and available in Up Garage Riders of used motorcycle parts supplier. We meet the specific needs of the custom customes with having wealthy stock and profeccional staff.

Specialty Type Store/Used Tires and Rims Specialty Store

専門特化型事業 / 中古タイヤ・ホイール専門

The used tire/rims specialty store (Hoiruzu) deals with not only various types of tires and rims, but also some new tire products.

New tire sales business


Store dealing in brand new tires. With our revolutionnary standardized pricing system, (for each of the 4 different vehicle model, only 3 different prices), we aim at making it easier for our customer who might not know much about cars. With Tokyo Tire, choose your tire care-free!

Tokyo tire distribution center FC merchant Wanted Click here for details


  • 車のシートがチェアに!トレジャーチェア
  • 東京タイヤ流通センター
  • 船井総合研究所オートビジネスチーム