Franchising details

Admission fee Other

加盟金 業態・エリアにより 230〜400万円(別途保証金50万円をお預かりさせていただきます)
Royalty net sales of 3%
共同広告費 エリアにより 月10.5万円~48万円
※ Above is about the car parts package. Bike department (up garage Riders) packages is separately. Please contact us for more information.
※ In our bike sector (up garage Riders) works as a joint-store with UP Garage. Click here for more information
※ other initial expenses (system introduction cost, interior and exterior construction costs, etc.) Please contact us for more information.

Support of the headquarters Overview

  • 1. Training

    In order to achieve the unification of the level up and chain operations of store operations, once a month about held the education and training that specializes in reuse industry. Such as lead to a special instructor to suit the theme we are deep training of the content.

  • 2. Utilizing the system

    It is possible to search from the presentation of the purchase appraisal standard amount to the past purchase sales history, and it becomes possible to carry out the purchase from general customers and the assessment work by short-term training. Also, by registering the stock of all stores, the stock of all stores in the chain is shared stock to prevent sales loss. translation

  • 3. Marketing Campaign

    As well as second-hand car goods specialty magazines, we also carry out large-scale advertising using the merits of the scale unique to chains, such as the management of homepages from automobile magazines and support for motor sports.

  • 4. Supervising

    From the management guidance of individual stores, the overall trend groups, such as industry trends, regularly responsible supervisor to back up the management to visit the store.

  • 5. Commercialization support

    Until open, store design, including furniture layout, training of store staff, the creation of flyers, the headquarters site staff before and after the open support, etc., will help to prepare for up to open.

Flow of up to open

  • 1. Contact our franchise members

    Please feel free to contact us. We will send the documentation for the membership.

  • 2. Visit

    The person who can you consider specific members, the person in charge to ask to your company, it will be a detailed description.

  • 3. Location survey and store listing decision

    Store opening schedule, commercial area diagnosis, conduct market research, we will submit a business simulation.

  • 4. Supervising

    If you can convince business simulation, after the conclusion of the lease contract of the store, and then entered into a franchise agreement between the headquarters and your company.

  • 5. Training

    Before open in the direct management of the store will be asked to attend the training of one month. The management know-how in general up garage will learn towards the store staff.

  • 6. Interior and exterior construction work, etc.

    Interior and exterior construction of the store, make the installation of the furniture system. Store design, will be submitted by the headquarters in regard to the layout.

  • 7. Purchasing Opening

    About one month before the sales start, do the business of purchase only. This period is the purchase of car supplies the customer is brought, commercialization (washing, shelf product) will be the main business.

  • 8. Grand Opening

    Finally it will begin sales. From here it will be the start of full-fledged up garage business.

    Contact: Store Development Department Higuchi
    TEL:045-989-2345 / FAX:045-989-2355

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