Sell out of Store

STEP 1Temporary appraisal

If you want to use Process of Purchase Out of Store, please request through the telephone or the WEB form.
Contact us by phone or through our website to get a temporary appraisal of your items.

STEP 2Request a Process of Purchase Out of Store

If you agree to the appraisal price for your item, contact the purchasing center by phone or e-mail. We will discuss the time convenient for you to courier's visit. 即日ご自宅に伺うことも可能です。

Please understand that we may refuse Purchase Out of Store depending of region or parts.
Also, we only visits the address indicates on the driver's license of the customer sended request.

STEP 3Staff's visit

It will be the goods of your request professional purchasing staff to the assessment in your home. It will present your assessments that identify firmly worth of parts in the rich purchase track record over 20 years on the spot, please leave it in peace.

*Please understand that we need to take with us the parts that require function check, after that we will inform you about appraisal price.

STEP 4Assessment confirmation. Payment

If you are satisfied with the appraisal price, the purchase will be confirmed,and we will pay you cash on the spot.
We are allowed to carry out identity verification at the driver's license at the time of purchase of the procedure.

*Please understand, that depending on parts payments may be transferred.