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Up Garage has over 150 stores open in all parts of Japan.
If you are selling , please feel free to visit our store nearby
Our goal is to be the No.1 regional purchase store! We are buying for a good price!

came from come and sell us for a price you won’t regret

If you live in this area and if you sell leave it to Up Garage, Japan’s largest second-hand car accessories chain.

Up Garage has automobile parts specialized stores and manages purchase information of more than 160 shops all over Japan on its network in real time.Now, when we have a system in which purchase information is shared at shops across the country, it is possible to provide the same purchase service at any store and any with staff.

In our specialized stores, using the knowledge and large amount of information that no other store owns, we offer our customers a satisfactory price of purchase.

Please, don't worry even if you can not find a store nearby! Up Garage realizes "Delivery purchase" without any shipping fee.We provides delivery purchase all over Japan!

For more information see Purchase by delivery details.

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Sell at Stores

From Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, Up Garage has over 160 stores throughout the country. By bringing your item directly to the store, "Purchase at Stores" is the fastest and easiest method.

Sell by Delivery


Sell out of Store

For those that have difficulties coming to a store or sending via delivery, or those who would like to sell a large number of car navigation systems or car parts together, our staff can make a visit to your home to make the purchase.

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