Flow of home delivery purchase

STEP 1The provisional assessment

If you wish to courier purchase is, your phone, or, please request from the WEB form.
Call the provisional assessment amount of money, or, we will contact you by e-mail.

STEP 2To request a home delivery purchase

After the provisional assessment, if you acknowledge the temporary assessment amount of money, please contact us to that effect.
In that case, we will send you a written consent from the purchase center after so, your address, your name, please tell the telephone number to purchase center staff.

Easy and convenient! We will send you a "home delivery kit (Free)".

Effort by a dedicated kit that can be easily packed the goods No need! Available, such as cardboard on your side is not required.

In addition, more unnecessary customer home delivery kit, the purchase valuation we will 10% UP!


※ except for the tire wheel.

STEP 3Shipped to purchase Center

Dispatch Please dispatch on the contact the sales office of our designated courier service (Sagawa Express).

The postage-up garage will bear!
Please be assured that there is not also be subtracted from the assessment.

※ If we receive your return the parts other than our designated delivery company (cash on delivery voucher), shipping, please note that will be borne by the customer.

STEP 4Assessment confirmed payment

After the parts arrive, 3 carried out and this assessment with the prospect of the business days, we will this assessment amount of money contact you by mail or telephone.
If you can assent to the final assessment amount of money becomes your contracts concluded, will we transfer within 2 weeks of the purchase amount of money to your designated account.

It should be noted that the transfer fee in accordance with the payment of the purchase amount of money because up garage will bear, it does not have to be deducted from the valuation. Please be assured.

  • When you get ship the parts, thank you so you can fill without omission the agreement to send from the purchase center.
  • Shipping address and home delivery kit according to the license must be the same.
  • Agreement, because the delivery of by FAX or e-mail we can not at all, please receive us by always mail.
  • Also with respect to home delivery purchase, a copy of the license it is required Please note.
  • Shipping when you ship your sell get parts to purchase center will be up garage of burden (cash on delivery).
  • We can not assume the responsibility with regard to parts breakage or the like during transportation. Parts packing at the time of shipment is enough Please note.
  • After the parts arrive, if you will confirm to contact you purchase valuation to prospect within three business days, that even after 7 days after notification in the purchase price notification mail or telephone not get the final answer, regarded as a sale decision, so we will pay the purchase price to the remittance destination that has been filled in, please note.
  • Only home delivery purchase, because we are unable to purchase from under 18 years of age, please understand in advance.
  • If we receive your contracts concluded the purchase, transfer money of the purchase amount of money but we have been within two weeks, if the transfer even after a lapse of more than two weeks can not be confirmed, Excuse me, but please check to purchase center.
  • If the purchase has become a non-traded, a copy of the license, we also will send back regarding agreement. Please also check the presence or absence of documents after the arrival to the product. The postage of your return will be shipped by the customer's burden (cash on delivery). Please note.
  • Other, please be sure to confirm the agreement with respect to home delivery purchase assessment Terms.
  • If, after the expiration of a period of two weeks after the home delivery purchase a dedicated kit arrival do not hear back, regarded as a dedicated kit lost, it will be a claim of 1 set 10,000 yen. Please note