Flow of over-the-counter purchase

STEP 1お店で買取受付をする

Visit us with your goods and driver's license to sell, please have your voice only at the purchase counter to the staff.

STEP 2Professional you assess the goods of purchase

To assess the goods for the purchase of professional who have our customers, we will present the purchase price.
From 20 years of experience, we put out the assessments that identify firmly the value of the parts.

STEP 3Payment in immediate cash in your contracts concluded

If you can convince the assessment amount of money, I will buy your contracts concluded.
Price of the goods, you will pay on the spot in cash.

Over-the-counter purchase reservationNEW service

Smartphone, in the reservation from a personal computer
Significantly cut the waiting time of over-the-counter purchase

アップガレージでは店頭買取をご利用の場合、来店時間を指定して事前に予約できるサービスをご用意しています。 買取の来店予約を決めたら、WEBサイトから店頭買取予約!
予約時間にご来店いただければ、優先的に買取査定をご案内いたします。 混雑している時間や週末も気にすることなく予定に合わせて予約、ご来店いただけます!
Please enable your use of the time in the use of up garage of over-the-counter purchase reservation.
If you are coming to the store without a reservation, so please note that you wait by the congestion situation.

Flow of over-the-counter purchase visit us reservation service

  • STEP1Reservations at the site
  • STEP2On the day, visit us
  • STEP3Over-the-counter purchase contracts concluded & Save Cash