Purchase delivery service procedure

STEP 1Temporary appraisal

For customers who wish to sell some unused items but can not come in person to our store, we propose a purchase delivery service.
Contact us by phone or through our website to get a temporary appraisal of your items.

STEP 2Make a purchase delivery request

If you agree with the provisionnal assessment amount for your items, please contact us.
We will send you a consent form and the necessary to send us your goods. You will be asked to provide us with your name, address and phone number.

Easy and convenient! "Delivery kit" will be sent to the provided address.

With our hassle-free delivery kit, no need to prepare carboard or anything else. Just pack all your items in our easy-to-use delivery kit and send it!

For customers who do not need a delivery kit, we offer a 10% bonus on your appraisal!


* Excluding tires and wheels.

STEP 3Shipping to our purchase center

Once home delivery kit arrives, put the following three points in cardboard, please send it by \ "cash on delivery " to purchase center.
Please send your shipment after contacting our designated delivery company (Sagawa Express).

Upgrade garage will cover the shipping fee!
Please do not worry about the fee being deducted from your payment.

※ Please be aware that the shipping fee will be borne by the customer in case of shipping error so please be careful. If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.

STEP 4Assessment confirmation. Payment

After arrival of your items, we will make a final assessment within 3 business days. We will then contact you with the result either by phone or email.
If you agree with the amount and conclude the contract, the payment will be made to the designated account within 2 weeks.

In addition, Up Garage will cover the transfer fee. It will not be deducted from your payment.

Important points
  • When shipping items, do not forget to fill in the consent form sent from the purchasing center. We will not be able to proceed without it.
  • The address stated in the license and the shipping address of the delivery kit must be the same.
  • In no circumstances can we deliver the agreement document by fax or email, only by mail. Please prepare accordingly.
  • Even in the case of Purchase delivery service, a copy of your drivers license will be required.
  • The shipping cost when sending the parts to be sold to the purchasing center will be covered by Up Garage (Cash On Delivery).
  • We can not assume responsibility concerning parts breakage during transportation. Please pack your parts carefully before sending.
  • After arrival of your items, we will make a final assessment within 3 business days and provide you with the results. If after 7 days of the final assessment you still did not contact us either by phone or email, we will consider that you agreed with the offered price and proceed with the payment at provided remittance destination.
  • Please note that the Purchase Delivery Service is not available for customers under 18 years of age.
  • After agreement to the purchase, we will transfer your payment within two weeks. In case you didn't receive your payment after two weeks, please contact our purchase center for assistance.
  • In case an agreement could not be made, we will send back the copy of your drivers license and the letter of consent. Please make sure you got everything.Also note that the cost of this delivery will be at the customer's charge (Cash on Delivery).
  • In addition, please make sure to read the conditions stipulated on the letter of consent carefully.
  • if two weeks after arrival, the home delivery kit has not been returned, we will consider it missing and charge a penalty fee of 10,000 yen.Thank you for your understanding.