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アップガレージでは店頭買取をご利用の場合、来店時間を指定して事前に予約できるサービスをご用意しています。 買取の来店予約を決めたら、WEBサイトから店頭買取予約!
予約時間にご来店いただければ、優先的に買取査定をご案内いたします。 混雑している時間や週末も気にすることなく予定に合わせて予約、ご来店いただけます!
もちろん予約せずに直接ご来店いただいてもOK! もちろん予約せずに直接ご来店いただいてもOK!


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1. specialty shop

Up Garage specializes in second hand car navigation and car accessories, and has a record for more than 17 years. The staff is a professional assessment expert with car accessories. We judge the value of the product accurately with abundant knowledge and realize the explanation of satisfaction to the customer and the high price purchase assessment amount. Also, because it is a specialty shop, we are also familiar with maintenance methods and we can offer purchase price that we can not offer at multiple stores.

2. Sales channels

Up Garage has sales channels in 150 stores in Japan. We also have online sales, as well as overseas sales channels. We provide customers with various needs to purchase products by any selling method, so we ensure the appropriate sales channels for items, so you can do expensive purchasing for any car items.

3. Information gathering

We have our own system network, collect information on purchase of up garage to be deployed nationwide, selling price, real-time information such as trends thoroughly! By calculating the appropriate price based on the real time data at the time of assessment, we can present the highest purchase price of goods.


Beautiful state

Scratches on the screen and the main body A clean state without scumming is good, and if you carry it with cleaning etc. after detaching, the assessed amount never becomes minus.

Align accessories

Including the instruction manual, the wires, media, warranty cards etc. that came with the purchase are increased as much as possible and brought to purchase, the assessed amount will be higher.

New map information

Even if the model is old, if the version is upgraded to the new map data the assessed amount will be added and it will be higher.

Also related products

In addition to the body of the car navigation system, if you bring in beacons and other car AV equipment together, the assessed amount will be added and it will be higher. When bringing in to purchase, bring in unnecessary car goods collectively!


  • img-1


    AVIC-RZ99 music navigation system (7V type wide VGA terrestrial digital TV / DVD- / CD / Bluetooth / SD / tuner / DSP AV integrated memory navigation)

  • img-1

    Carrozzeria CYBER NAVI

    AVIC-VH 0999 (7 ​​V type wide VGA terrestrial digital TV / DVD- / CD / Bluetooth / USB / SD / Tuner · 5.1 ch correspondence · DSP AV integrated HDD navigation) Cyber ​​Navi

  • img-1

    KENWOOD Hi-res sound source

    MDV-Z702 (7 V wide 4 tuner & 4 diversity type terrestrial digital TV tuner / Bluetooth built-in DVD / USB / SD AV navigation system) KENWOOD original new application which supports input operation in destination search by speech recognition technology "VOIPUT Supported for both Iphone and Android

  • img-1

    Panasonic strada actor (view) NAVI

    CN-RX02D (7 V type wide / terrestrial digital (One Seg supported) / AV integrated SD car navigation station)

  • img-1


    NR-MZ100PREMI (Built-in 7V type WVGA monitor / Built-in DVD / CD mechanism / Full seg · One seg terrestrial digital TV tuner (12seg 1seg) Built-in / Memory navigation system (Built-in Bluetooth®)

  • img-1

    Carrozzeria easy Navi portable navigation

    AVIC-MRP 770 (7 V type wide VGA One Seg TV / SD · Memory Navigation) Model 2015

  • img-1


    AVN-Z05i (Type 7 WVGA TV / DVD · Memory Navigation) Model 2015

  • img-1


    CN-G1000VD (7 side wide VGA 1 seg 16GB SSD portable navigation) 2016 model

■ Car Navi / Monitors New and Used regardless of pre-purchase !! Manufacturers: carrozzeria (Carrozzeria), Pioneer (Pioneer), Panasonic (Panasonic), ALPINE (Alpine), KENWOOD (Kenwood), ECLIPSE (Eclipse), Clarion Clarion), MITSUBISHI (Mitsubishi), TOYOTA (Toyota), DAIHATSU (Daihatsu), NISSAN (Nissan) ... etc. ■ Portable navigation also reinforced Pioneer music Navi Portable Panasonic Deca Gorilla (Gorilla) Up selling Jupiter Portable Navi Navi Please leave it to the garage!