Customers' Feedback

  • 神奈川県 男性 40代

    神奈川県 男性 40代

    I had studless wheels, which I didn’t use, so I decided to sell it and brought to the store. The staff checked it thoroughly, and I could sell it at a higher price than I thought. I was very grateful because I thought to just throw it.

  • 愛知県 男性 30代

    愛知県 男性 30代

    I came want replacement to the outside from the genuine car navigation system. Now added of the car navigation system to buy can get bought in the trade in pure navigation after the exchange. Purchase also purchase was also think that it is useful because it can be in the same shop.

  • 千葉県 男性 30代

    千葉県 男性 30代

    Since there is no time to go to the store, I asked the courier purchase the assessment from WEB. It was a tire wheel, but was saved because the need to prepare the packing material on their own was not because I got sent a kit that can be easily mailed. In addition, we would like to use If you have any. Thank you very much.

  • 静岡県 女性 40代

    静岡県 女性 40代

    Firstly, I didn’t know if I can sell it. So I called the Purchase Free dial. The staff at the call center told me where I needed to look on my item. I made sure that I can sell my item and staff even told me a price of purchase. I was told about the store nearby, and I could easily sell it even though it was my first time. Also, all the procedures were quick, because it was assessed in advance. If there is something, I will use your services again.

  • 神奈川県 男性 30代

    神奈川県 男性 30代

    I had cracks on my tires so I wanted to change it. Also, there were deep marks on my wheels, so I thought it can only be discarded. But, I didn’t know how to throw it away. I consulted with the staff without any expectations. But, they said it could be bought. I traded it in for other tires and wheels at the same store. Staff helped me smoothly install a new ones. I very appreciated all of it because I thought it would be difficult.