If you are selling car/motorcycle supplies, use our Delivery Purchase! No commissions!

What is a Delivery Kit?

It is a set of packing materials, vouchers and so on which are required for delivery, so customers can deliver speedily, in the case of requesting Delivery Purchase. If we receive a Delivery Purchase request, our staff will pick suitable box for customer's item and will send it to customer.

What is included in the Delivery Kit

  • box
  • buffer materials (air cap)
  • documents (delivery guide, Delivery Purchase application form, consent form )
  • delivery payment invoice (recipoent address is already filled in)

For those who do not need the Delivery Kit

Customers who do not need a home delivery kit in hope of home delivery purchase will increase their purchase assessment amount by 10%!
Please inform the staff that you do not need a delivery kit when making a request.


* Excluding tires and wheels.

Sizes of the boxes and standards.

*Enlarge image by clicking on it.
Height 20cmDepth 30cmWidth 30cm
Appropriate size standard:
Height 26cmDepth 30cmWidth 44cm
Appropriate size standard:
Navigation systemsMonitorsSteeringsHelmetWears
Height 40cmDepth 40cmWidth 80cm
Appropriate size standard:
Tail lampsHeadlightShock absorbersSuspensionTanksSeats
Height 35cmDepth 40cmWidth 125cm
Appropriate size standard:
Rear piece mufflerBody reinforced partsStrut barsFull exhaust mufflersFront suspensions
Height 52cmDepth 46cmWidth 46cm
Find a nearby store Appropriate size standard:
13-inch wheels14-inch wheels15-inch wheels
Height 58cmDepth 52cmWidth 52cm
Find a nearby store Appropriate size standard:
15-inch wheels16-inch wheels17-inch wheels18-inch wheels
Height 65cmDepth 57cmWidth 57cm
Find a nearby store Appropriate size standard:
17-inch wheels18-inch wheels19-inch wheels20-inch wheels
Appropriate size standard:
Tire and wheel sets

Procedures of using the Delivery Kit

1. Packing preparation

1. What you need to prepare
  • Purchasing item
  • Packaging tape
  • A copy of your driver's license
  • Consent form sented from Purchase Centre (filled in)
Do not forget to check if all documents are completed: instruction manual, installation instruction, attachments etc.
2. Please check, if there is everything in received Delivery Kit.

2. Packing

Please pack the parts with buffer material, pack the surplus buffer material around, and make sure the parts do not move. Please put consent form and copy of your driver's licence in an envelope and put it in box with parts.
梱包の様子1 梱包の様子2

3. Shipment

Please fill in the delivery payment invoice (included in the Delivery Kit) client (sender) field and paste it on the box.
Please send your shipment after contacting our designated delivery company (Sagawa Express).
Click here to search by home delivery service's office responsible for your area. (Link to another site)
※ Please note that the shipping fee for sending not by our company's designated home delivery service will be at the expense of the sender.
Some of parts cannot be delivered by Delivery Kit.

Excluded car parts example
マフラー(軽自動車・リアピースは対象)、タービン(単体は対象)、ラジエター、インタークーラー、ロールバー、エアロ、フェンダー、ボンネット、ミニバン用グリル、ルーフBOX(一部ルーフキャリア)、純正足回り など

Excluded motorcycle parts example
外装一式、フロントまわり、リアまわり など

*There may be other exceptions besides the above. Please feel free to contact the purchasing center (0120-417-182) first.