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    Business trip purchase

    For those that have difficulties coming to a store or sending via delivery, or those who would like to sell a large number of car navigation systems or car parts together, our staff can make a visit to your home to make the purchase.

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UP GARAGE Rims&TiresThe reason for purchase is selected to customers

  • 中古カー用品専門店

    Used car accessory shop

    アップガレージは、Rims&Tires などを中古カー用品を専門に売買を行っている中古カー用品のプロショップです。カー用品に特化した商材を専門に取扱うことで、総合店舗とは異なりスタッフは Rims&Tires の知識と買取情報をどこよりも豊富に持ち合わせています。そのため、他店では真似できない高額買取を実現! Rims&Tiresの買取は専門店のアップガレージにお任せください!

  • 20年以上の買取実績

    Over 20 years of purchasing experience


  • 即現金対応

    Immediate cash support

    中古カー用品の買取をはじめて20年以上。業界最大手のアップガレージはタイヤの買取をはじめカー用品の実績は - 点以上、独自のネットワークを利用して買取情報を全店で共有しているため、どのお店でも最新情報の実績からお客様ご納得の買取価格をご提示いたしますので安心してご利用いただけます。

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    Quick Support


Also purchase these aluminum wheels!

  • 腐食
  • クラック
  • 傷
  • 変形
アップガレージなら、純正ホイール・社外ホイール問わず、 アルミホイールの買取をいたします! アップガレージなら、純正ホイール・社外ホイール問わず、 アルミホイールの買取をいたします!

※There will be additional recycling fee if unuseful tires are on.
Also will buy genuine wheel! Purchase of wheel, Do not you think that only outside the company name brands?
In the up garage, I also genuine wheel can expensive and purchase.

The reason is…

  • Case1 So have lost their original mountain of tires that have been installed, but it may become expensive and to replace the same genuine tire wheel set, also suppressed if the tire wheel set wages, because the middle and high commodity prices also kept a jerk since it is possible, it can be exchanged in the very profitable.
  • Case2 Since the type and inch of the wheel that is fitted as standard by the car of the grade is different, I want to inch up in the wheel of the other grade! Customers also come to be a need for a.
  • Case3 When inch-up with a different model of genuine wheel, cool and astringent, since it is a custom that was different from the other person popular!
  • Case4 Customers come seeking genuine wheel for studless.
Demand for genuine wheel is also very high !!

If not give up because it is anyway genuine ... and, please bring it to anyway up garage If you aluminum wheel is in your hand!

Rims&TiresHere is the product that is strengthening purchase!

  • img-7

    WORK (work)


  • img-7

    WORK (work)


  • img-7

    BBS (BB S)


  • img-7

    WORK (work)


■ Genuine Tire & Tire Wheel Set also reinforced buying! Lexus genuine / Toyota genuine / Nissan genuine / Infiniti genuine / Honda genuine / Mazda genuine / Subaru genuine / Mitsubishi genuine / Suzuki genuine / Daihatsu genuine etc. domestic manufacturer genuine ■ Other manufacturers strengthening buying! ! RAYS, Infinity (MUGEN), AUTECH, ADVAN (ADVAN), KREUZER (COUZZER), Carlsson (Carlson), 1/16, 1/6, 1/5, 1/11, 2/16, 2 / 6, RG, RS, AVS, SSR (Speed ​​Star), OZ, WORK (work), Emotion, Shubert, Varianza, Euroline, Meister, BRIDGESTONE, PRODRIVE, weds, KRENZE (Kleen), WedsSprots (Weds Sports), BBS (BBS) LM, LM - R, RG - R, RE, RS, SPARCO (Sparco), LINEA SPORT

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