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Over the telephone
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This call is free! OK also from mobile · PHS!

Purchase Center 電話アイコン 0120-417-182

Reception time

9:00~18:00 年中無休
(Except for 12/31 ~ 1/3)

Toll-free number is a purchase-only, It is not in the store.
Etc. With regard to merchandise inventory and stores, please contact us to each store.
Store locator here >>

We do not offer free call is not available for numbers starting from 050.
Excuse me, please call to 045-988-2365.

Also important preparation before phone

Assessment request and know the following parts of the assessment hope in front of your phone is smooth!

The purchase assessment of the tire wheel
If you ask

Manufacturer, brand name, tire size, wheel size, tire year of manufacture, models fitted, the extent of the state and the remaining grooves of the tire wheel

If you ask a car audio, car navigation systems purchase assessment

Manufacturer, model number, presence or absence of accessories

Other Car Supplies & motorcycle parts
If you are asked to purchase assessment

Manufacturer, product name, the presence or absence of accessories, models fitted, state

Benefits of phone assessment

  1. 面倒な入力が不要!

    No.1Troublesome input is unnecessary!

    Staff directly by phone, so you will be the customer support, there is no need to enter the required information such as a PC or smartphone. Please call us at any time when the Omoita'.

  2. 最短3分のスピード査定

    No.2Shortest-thirds of the speed assessment

    As long as specific product information, we will tell you as soon as the purchase price on the spot! After assent can the amount also apply for home delivery purchase on the spot OK! Since we are also sharing information with the shop, after the assessment on the phone, if you can visit to the store, you can smooth the purchase in the shop.

  3. 知識がなくても大丈夫!

    No.3Even if there is no knowledge okay!

    Since the purchase professional staff will continue to identify the parts while ask the characteristics of the goods, car supplies, worry is useless even if there is no knowledge of Motorcycle Accessories! On the available products at hand, please call.