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  • Up garage Car supplies and parts 042-788-5445 042-788-5444 In the main building 1F, including the tire wheel, until the car audio, car navigation systems Aero muffler, we sell a rich lineup. Mounting also please do not hesitate to contact us. view the details
  • Up garageRiders Motorcycle Accessories & Parts 042-788-3434 042-788-3439 In the main building 2F, muffler, including the seat Riders, (except for some stores) bike body has a wide selection of such. view the details
  • Up garageWheels Tires and Wheels 042-788-1166 042-788-1167 "Wheels" in the annex, that the type of tire and wheel is rich, of course, we also handle the tires of some new. view the details

Store Overview

Street address 194-0004
1-46 Tsuruma 5-chome Machida-shi, Tokyo
Up garage 042-788-5445
Riders 042-788-3434
Wheels 042-788-1166
business hours Weekdays 11: 00 ~ 21: 00 Holidays 10: 00 ~ 20: 00
Regular holiday Open all year-round (except year-end and new year holidays)
Business conditions
Electronic money

Stores handling services

  • 無料試着
  • タイヤ・ホイール交換
  • NAVI取付
  • AV取付
  • マフラー取付
  • シート取付
  • 電球交換
  • バッテリー交換
  • ETC取付
  • ステア取付
  • ホーン取付
  • マフラー試聴・試着
  • スターター取付
  • サス取付
  • タイヤホイール持ち込み取付
  • ホイールリペア

※ tire wheel carry-on mounting, there are times when you have not heard by such time. Please be sure at each store.

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  • ショップ個別バナー

Guidance of the neighborhood store

※以下の店舗は、Yokohama Machida Souhontenから30km圏内の近い順番に並んでいます。
※項目内の"距離"は、Yokohama Machida Souhontenからの距離を表しています。

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