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    Wednesday, December 29

Store Overview

Address 761-8056
780-1, Kamitenjincho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa
TEL 087-814-9010
FAX 087-814-9020
E-mail Takamatsu-ten@upgarage.com
Opening hours Weekday 10: 00-20: 00 Sunday and congratulation 10: 00-20: 00
Closed Every Wednesday (open on public holidays)
Accepted Credit Cards
We accept it.

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Message from the store manager


店長 The staff will help you with your treasure hunting. Mountains, mountains, mountains of countless pieces of treasure parts in the shop! ! Do not you go to our shop with parts that are sleeping in the garage right now? You surely find the parts you want! !

Store map

Store handling service

  • Free of charge fitting
  • Navigation installation
  • Muffler mounting
  • Sheet mounting
  • vLight bulb exchange
  • Battery exchange
  • ETC installation
  • Stair mounting
  • Horn mounting
  • Sound test for mufflers / Fitting for mufflers
  • Mounting the tire and wheel brought
  • Wheel repair

※ Tire wheel installations may not be accepted due to timing etc. Please confirm with your store in advance.


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※ The distance is mesured from takamatsuten.

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Kagawa prefecture Takamatsu city Sakaide-shi Sakuki-shi Kida-gun Miki-cho Aya-gun Ayagawa cho, there are many other purchase results areas!