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Store Overview

Address 470-1141
153-1, Anocho, Toyoake-shi, Aichi
TEL 0562-96-1400
FAX 0562-96-1411
Opening hours Weekdays 11: 00-20: 00 Sundays and public holidays 11: 00-20: 00
Closed Every Wednesday (open on public holidays)
We don’t accept it.

Message from the store manager


店長 One up-garage Toyoake · country store is located along the national highway No. 1 line of Toyoake City. Although it is a small shop, I am trying hard aiming at a shop that all of the staff can enjoy with our customers! There is also a kids room so you can see the inside of the store slowly even for those with small children. We are waiting for you to come and visit our friends and friends. Also at our shop, now buying reinforcement now! ! Please feel free to contact us without thinking about such things. Staff I have everyone coming from the same concentration.

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Store handling service

  • Mounting the tire and wheel brought
  • Wheel repair

※ Tire wheel installations may not be accepted due to timing etc. Please confirm with your store in advance.

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toyoakekokuichiten parts installation point list

Main building 2F - motorcycle supplies / parts

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