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ホイールズ半田インター店 Japan Tax-free Shop

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ホイールズ半田インター店 営業についてのお知らせ

  • 臨時営業時間変更

    May 07 (Thursday) -May 31 (Sunday) 11: 00-19: 00

  • 臨時営業

    Wednesday, December 14th

  • 臨時営業

    Wednesday, December 21st

  • 臨時営業

    Wednesday, December 28th

  • 臨時休業

    December 31st (Sat) - January 3rd (Tue)

  • 臨時営業

    Wednesday, January 4

Store Overview

Address 475-0925
TEL 0569-47-7000
FAX 0569-47-7007
E-mail w-handainter@upgarage.com
Opening hours Weekdays 11: 00-20: 00 Sundays and public holidays 11: 00-20: 00
Closed 毎週水曜日(祝祭日は営業)
Accepted Credit Cards
We accept it.

Event campaign

Message from the store manager


店長 April 26 (Friday), a specialized shop for four wheel tires and wheels "Upgrade Garage Wheels Solder Inter store" opens near Chita Peninsula Road Hida Inter. ! Please leave it if the thing of the tire / wheel! ! Of course, purchasing of car supplies and motorcycle supplies is also welcome! ! I will purchase expensive gangan! ! We are waiting for you from everyone's visit! !

Store map

Store handling service

  • Free of charge fitting
  • Mounting the tire and wheel brought
  • Wheel repair

※ Tire wheel installations may not be accepted due to timing etc. Please confirm with your store in advance.



Information on neighboring stores

※ The following stores are those within 30km from ホイールズ半田インター店.
※ The distance is mesured from ホイールズ半田インター店.

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Wheels solder Inter store parts installation point list

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