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Store Overview

Street address 181-0014
1-19-12, Nozaki, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo
TEL 0422-40-6120
FAX 0422-40-6174
E-mail R-mitaka@upgarage.com
business hours Weekday 10: 30 ~ 20: 00 Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10: 00 ~ 20: 00
Regular holiday Every Wednesday
Business conditions

Message from the manager


店長 Up Garage Riders opened in the Napps Mitaka East 8 shop! We are second hand motorcycle supplies such as used helmets and mufflers! Also, if you have a bike part that is sleeping at home, please bring it to Rider Snaps' Misakado Hachinohe! We will purchase expensive!

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※項目内の"距離"は、Riders napsmitakatohachitenからの距離を表しています。

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