Up Garage offers tax-free service.

Up Garage Items Examples

  • Stearing
    24,900Yen (Includes tax)
    >>> 22,908Yen
    in about 2,000Yen cheaper!
  • Head Units
    39,900Yen (Includes tax)
    >>> 36,708Yen
    in about 1,300Yen cheaper!
  • Amplifiers
    95,900Yen (Includes tax)
    >>> 88,228Yen
    in about 7,700Yen cheaper!

What is the procedure?

  • STEP1Let's go to the shop counter

    Don't forget to bring necessary items for tax-free procedure such as the purchased items and the receipt.

  • STEP2Show your passport & sign a document stating your purchase

    The person who made the purchase must be identified when going through tax-free procedure.

  • STEP3Receive the difference of what you actually paid in cash

    The collected consumption tax at the time of purchase will be refunded at the spot.

  • STEP4Place in a specified bag

    Purchased items must be kept in the specified bag until leaving the country.

  • STEP5Go through the procedure at the airport

    Submit the Proof of Tax-Free Purchase attached to your passport when leaving the country.

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What is "tax free"?

Tax free is a system that exempts tax (e.g., consumption tax, liquor tax, import tariff, etc.) on products purchased by travelers during their stay.
Tourists will be refunded tax by following the procedures of the country where the tax free system exists.

About the tax free system in Japan

  • POINT1
    All products will be exempt from 8% consumption tax!

    All products will be exempt from 8% consumption tax!

  • POINT2
    Only for foreign visitors temporarily staying in Japan!

    Only foreign visitors who have temporarily stayed in Japan for less than 6 months since entering Japan.

  • POINT3
    General items will also be exempt if they cost ¥5,000 or more.

    General items will also be exempt if they cost ¥5,000 or more from May 2016 onwards, making shopping even more affordable.

  • POINT4
    Your passport is required for the procedure!

    You must show your passport at the store where you purchased the goods for tax-free procedure.

  • POINT5
    Products are classified into two types, general goods and consumable goods, each with different rules.