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  • インチ インチ


  • J数 J数

    Wheel width (J number)

  • ホール(穴数) ホール(穴数)

    (Number of holes)



  • ハブ径 ハブ径

    Hub diameter

  • オフセット オフセット


  • ディスク面 ディスク面

    Disk surface

  • センターキャップ センターキャップ

    Center cap

  • ピンストライプ ピンストライプ


  • アウターリム アウターリム

    Outer rim

  • インナーリム インナーリム

    Inner rim

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About inch

The number of inches indicates the size of the wheel (outside diameter).
Wheels size compatibility is vary from car model.
Inch up often doing when dress up is performing.
If you install the wheels with other size instead of the one that fits your vehicle, they might interfere to the fender and issue occurs.
Please choose appropriate wheels (and tires) when performing inch up or inch down.

Wheel width (J number)

The wheel width (thickness) is also calles as rim width.
As the wheel width (J number) corresponds to the inches, it equals 1J=1 inch=25.4 mm
Fitment of the rim width also depends on the model.
In addition, the tire with the rim width also needs to be within the applicable width range, and interference with the brake or body part may occur if it is out of conformity.
In addition, it will not meet car inspections if it comes out of fender.

About holes (number of holes)

The number of holes is the number which means the number of holes through which the bolts securing the wheel and the car body.
The number of holes is generally 4 to 6 and varies depending on the model.
It is necessary to have a wheel with the same number of holes as the number of genuine holes.

About PCD

It stands for Pitch Circle Diameterhad been referred to the diameter of a circle that connects the centers of bolt holes and shown in millimeters.
100 or 114.3 is the mainstreem for domestic cars
It is not possible to install the wheels with PCD not fitting the car

About hub diameter

The car part (wheel installation part) where the wheels is installed is expresses in mm.
It is made to be a right fit for genuine wheels hub diameter, but as for OEM wheels it is made bit bigger.
If the gap is large, it can be supported by installing a [hub ring] that might be used for most car models.

About pinstripe

It is the edge part of the wheel most outer side.

About outer rim

It is outer part from rim part of disk surface

About inner rim

It is a inner part from rim part of disc surface.

About dist surface

Face part design is the disk surface.
There are various design like mesh, spoke etc. existed

About center cap

The cap is to be installed to the cental part of the wheel
Depending on the wheel and design, the center cap may not be included originally.
The role of the wheel cap is to make the hub less corrodible and to have an accent on it.

About inset (outset)

Represents the distance from the center line of the wheel (rim width) to the mounting surface. When the mounting surface is out of the center of the wheel, it is called "inset", when it is in the same position as the center line, it is called "zero set", and when it is inside, it is called "outset".
If you do no choose appropriate inset size, it will interfere or come out of the car fender, or will not be meet to car inspections.