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  • [Wakeari] Kakimoto breaks
  • [Wakeari] Kakimoto breaks
  • [Wakeari] Kakimoto breaks
  • [Wakeari] Kakimoto breaks
  • [Wakeari] Kakimoto breaks
  • [Wakeari] Kakimoto breaks
  • [Wakeari] Kakimoto breaks
  • [Wakeari] Kakimoto breaks
  • [Wakeari] Kakimoto breaks
  • [Wakeari] Kakimoto breaks

[Wakeari] Kakimoto breaks kakimoto.R

Price¥2,769 Tax Included¥3,046

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Store's inventory number OH06258
Maker Kakimoto.R
Corresponding model
Subaru Legacy B4
Other item information Inspection Ok [Condition] scratch dirt Rust there Dent Large Scratch Details Product number: 03S08177 Legacy B4 [GF TA-BE 5] 2.0_ twin turbo [EJ 20] 4WD RSK (S edition Limited (Ⅱ) included) 98 / 12-03 / 6 5MT / 4AT Please feel free to contact us !!!
Shipment size L(1package(s))
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Quantity of stock 1
Dealer store odawara higashi interten
Dealer store TEL 0465-39-0080

Intake & Exhaust

Scratches Present
Dirtiness Present
Burnt Present
Rusted Present
Burnt Fiberglass Present
Cracks/Broken Pieces/Bents Present
Dents Present


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